A Sunday for Crafts

I have spent most of the day today doing “teacher prep.” Which is a fancy way of saying, I searched Pinterest for things to do with education. I found this Behavior Bingo that someone had written an article about. The writer explained how she used it in her classroom and that the students got really excited about it. So I thought I should try that. I think it would be good for any age because it provides the class with an opportunity to work toward a common goal and promotes a community of students mindful of how their actions effect those around them. 

Basically what it is, is a poster that looks like a bingo board. In a jar are numbered magnets that correspond to the numbers on the bingo board. When the class does something good, like follow the rules in the hallway or keeping their table clean at lunch, the teacher chooses one student to pull a magnet out of the jar. Whatever number the magnet corresponds with on the board is where it is placed. Once students have five in a row (or however many they need) they get some kind of reward. 

The site I got the idea from is onesharpbunch.com. The page had tons of great classroom management ideas that I am definitely going to use! 

I really liked that idea and since it would work for all ages I went ahead and made my own. Here are the results!  



 As you can see, I made mine in two pieces so that as the year goes on I can put more numbers on the board (7 x 7 so the students would need 7 in a row to get the reward). The main part that says, “Behavior Bingo,” is on one of those half size poster boards. The letters and numbers were cut with the Cricut (chalkboard fonts, size 3 letters, size 1 1/2 numbers). Now all I have to do is lamintate it and get magnets. Depending on the board space in my room, I may put this on the board, the side of my desk, or I might buy a metal sheet to put behind it on the wall. 

I am trying to prepare as much as I can now so that I am not overwhelmed my first week. I especially want to be prepared in case the job I do get starts after the students start! 


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