Calendar Time!

As I mentioned before, I pulled out all of the classroom decorations and bulletin board stuff I have and the result was a small grouping of very few things. I set out to change that this morning! 

I have looked for a calendar set from the teacher store and have just not found anything I really love. So, I made my own.  A few weeks ago I bought the plain white calendar with the intention of sprucing it up with cute border and colorful numbers. I have not yet found a set of months that I like that go with. 

 Here is the whole set of stuff I have so far for the calendar. The red border is going to go all the way around the calendar (I just have to see about size when I actually get into the classroom of wherever I will be teaching). I want to put light colored muslin or brown paper behind it. I like the mix of bright colors and natural-looking objects so I may try to find some simple wood grain paper if it works out in the room.  

The numbers for August are cute rainbow patterned circles. I liked the numbers but was not a fan of the rest of the calendar set. They have cute patterns on them so it adds a little texture to the plain white calendar.   

I made the months using the Cricut. I wanted something simple that did not have pictures of things associated with that month (ex: October and pumpkins or witches). I just  wanted something plain that would go with the rest of my stuff. 


 I am really happy with the way it all looks together. I was a little nervous because I am not the best at spatial reasoning and that makes it difficult to visualize what it will look like when it is finished.

 I began working on the “weather report”  for the calendar but it is not quite finished yet. I have seven squares with each day written on them. Every day my weather reporter will describe the weather and post what the weather is like. We can them compare today’s weather with the rest of the week. I will post pictures when that gets finished. 

I am excited to get a job and get this calendar hung up in my room… wherever that room may be! 


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