I have officially applied at nine different elementary schools in eight different school districts in two different states. I have heard nothing… It’s great! (I am being sarcastic.) I am not really sure what I doing wrong. I thought through ever answer I gave to every question each application asked and I made good grades in school. I emailed my cooperating teacher and asked her when I should start to panic about not having a job. She conveniently skirted the question. It did make me feel a little better to hear from her. I know I should try not to worry because many people are in the same boat I am but as the first day of school creeps closer, I have to wonder of this is really going to work out for me…

I am worried that I will never get a teaching job and continue working at my part-time, slightly-more-than-minimum-wage job. With nine applications under my belt, I would have thought at least one would contact me. I am definitely nervous that I just spent four years working toward something that will never happen. I guess I got my good 15 weeks in during student teaching. With the way things are going now, that is all the time I will spend teaching in a classroom!


2 thoughts on “#9

  1. jjp7401 July 15, 2016 / 3:35 am

    I was in that same boat two years ago! Schools really don’t know their budget/needs until August anyway, so hang in there!


  2. themrrodge July 15, 2016 / 3:39 am

    You can and will get a job teaching. A lot of hiring occurs at the last minute. Keep applying and keep your options open.


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