#10 and Two Weeks

Update on my search for a job: I have now applied at ten different schools in nine different school districts in two different states. I have heard back from two schools; both with a “no thanks but keep us in mind for the future.” So basically, no luck yet.

There are two weeks until August first. Some schools start August first. Some a week before that. Some the week after. Not a lot of time left. Considering the fact that the date I set for making decisions passed a week ago, I am not feeling so great about this whole situation. Every day that passes and I am closer and closer to not being a teacher. I spent the past four years working hard and paying loads of money to be the person I want to be and every day the chances of being that person this school year grow smaller. I got good grades. I volunteered working with kids all through school. I worked my butt off student teaching. I substitute taught for a few days. I check several different job posting sites every day, sometimes twice a day. What is left to do but pray?

Eight schools to hear back from in two weeks time. The odds do not seem to be in my favor.


On another note…

I bought supplies to make restroom passes at the Hobby Lobby today. I like making my own stuff because it looks exactly like I want it to and it does not look like anyone else’s. Also it’s cheeper. I got the paper I am going to use for 50% off. I already have some wood and string leftover from other projects so the whole thing is going to cost me less than $5. Pretty good deal especially since I am currently working a slightly-more-than minimum wage job. I will post pictures as soon as the passes are done!


One thought on “#10 and Two Weeks

  1. Mrs.Inclusion 💖 July 18, 2016 / 9:23 pm

    It’s HARD to get that first year teaching job. But you’ll get it! Schools have not finished their final staffing for the year & it never fails that some teachers will move or have to leave even after the “deadline” to get out of the contract has passed. Best of luck to you!!! And keep on prepping your goodies!! You’ll be putting them to use soon I’m sure 😊

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