A Lot Can Happen In a Week’s Time

A little over a year ago, a dear friend and camp counselor asked me, “What are you going to do with your pathfinders (campers who are 14 and 15) week one?” I laughed because I fully expected to be Blazer (11 to 12 year old) once again. Now I faced with a similar situation; what am going to do with my fourth graders on the first day? I never thought I would be where I am right now. I applied for 14 different positions and the the only one that was not k-2 was the job I got. Now, I am not complaining! Believe me, I am over the moon excited that I have job and that I have the opportunity to teach. I am just a little scared!

Here is how it all went down…

Last week, Tuesday-

I get an email and text message from my mentor teacher while I am at work saying there are jobs open in the school and I should look into it. I work until 2:00 a.m. getting my application together. 


My mentor teacher emails the school principal to inform her that I am interested in the job and “an excellent addition to -the school- staff.” (Her words not mine. Isn’t she fantastic!) 

Monday 11:52-

My phone rings while I am outside helping my dad with the fence he is building. I go inside and discover a missed call from the town my student teaching school is in. I immediately listen to the voicemail and call the school back. We set up an interview for the following day. I go and get interview clothes (as all of mine are too big) and then go to work. I stay up until 2:30 a.m. revamping my portfolio to fit upper elementary. 

Tuesday 8:50-

I meet the principal and interview with her. We take a walk around the school. I get to see all of the rooms and where important things are located. The interview takes exactly an hour. 

Tuesday 3:52-

 I check my phone to see what time it is and see a missed call and voicemail from the school. The principal wants to talk with me about the opening. I rush to my manager and ask to take a break because I got a call from the school. She says, “no! Go back to your phone! Call them back!” So I do. And the news is so good, I cry a little in the storage room while my coworkers watch. My manager even clears my schedule for the rest of the week so I have no worries about missing work for school! 

Tuesday 6:00- 

I rush out to my car after work. I text my mentor teacher that I will be teaching fourth grade in the school she works in. She repsonds happily and apparently texts the classroom aide she had last year. The classroom aide texts me to congratulate me. I cried again, a little. 

The most tears came when my mentor teacher said she would see me at the staff meeting! Last year, I sat through several staff meetings to get the feel for them and now I get to be a real part! I am beyond excited and honored that I have the opportunity to work as a peer with my mentor teacher! Imagine! Me! One week ago, I was grasping at straws and now I have a job teaching with some of the very best teachers out there! I still cannot believe it! 

All of my camp experience is going to have to pull me through the next couple of weeks before I get the hang of things! Thank goodness for my pathfinders! 


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