The Rainbow at the End of the Day

This morning and afternoon, I attended staff meeting at the school. When we took a break for lunch, my student teaching mentor teacher asked if I wanted to join her and the other kindergarten teachers I worked with last semester. I said no at first but then agreed because I am trying not to say no when people ask me to do things. I do not want them to think I am boring or stuck up. I want to be friendly and, since I didn’t bring muffins in yet like I did the first official day of student teaching, saying yes to doing things is my only real way of showing that. It was really nice to see everyone again at lunch. They all went over my class list and said I have pretty good kids. It is always nice to hear from my student teaching mentor teacher. She told me about all of the students she saw at meet the teacher night that we had last year. 

My room is almost ready! We’ll sort of… Not really… Mom is going to come with me tomorrow so that I can have some help with my still-empty bulletin boards. I did get the word wall done and all of the book numbers have been recorded and put in the correct student’s desk.  

There is my word wall. Right now it has just the students’ names but I will put vocab and spelling words and words kids use frequently that they tend to misspell. I almost fell backwards off the counter while putting up the word wall. That would have great to explain! “Oh, by the way I have a concussion because I fell off the counter and can’t work!” Yikes! But I live to fight another day, thank goodness. 

I have pretty much made plans for my whole day Monday and part of Tuesday. I just have to redo my literacy stations because I realized I had done too much. 

Also, when I went to get a key to get in the building they said I would have to wait until Monday. I am very unhappy about this. A maintenance worker told me he should be around to let me in if I just come find him. I am glad people are looking out for me!

On the way home it rained a little bit. A huge rainbow showed up right in front of me while I was driving. I suppose I will take that as a good sign! 


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