12:24 a.m.

I am finally satisfied with my plans for tomorrow. I typed it all up. Once on the weekly schedule and once in a fully written out detailed schedule of the day that basically tells me what to say word for word. I know I won’t use that one during the day but I had to think it all through like that. 

I know I planned way more than I will have time for. It’s okay though. I have all week that still needs planing! 

My student teaching mentor teacher texted me earlier this evening telling me she knew I would be great. I nearly cried right there at my other job in front of my co-workers who are not crazy emotional and stressed out enough to understand why this little gesture of kindness would make me flood the room. I keep telling myself, “if my mentor teacher thinks I can do this, I can do this.” I mean, I honestly think she is the best teacher in the world and if she says it’s true, it must be pretty close to the truth. 

I am also leaning on the fact that the principal of the elementary school told the intermediate principal, at least, that I was good enough for the job. She’s the principal so she must have done something right along the line. Also everyone I have talked to says she is a pretty great principal. 

I will take these two extraordinary ladies’ words for it. I couldn’t have better people believing in me. I may not feel ready for the first day but I think I sort of, kind of, maybe, just may be ready. I’ll let you know! 


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