To the Principal’s Office and Beyond

Day nine of my teaching career and I spent an a half an hour of it in the principal’s office. Other than my interview and the daily announcements she gives to the whole school, I haven’t had many interactions with my building principal. She is pretty busy. 

Compared to the last time I was in the principal’s office (you can read about it on my student teaching blog The View from Student Teaching) this time was a breeze. My students were definitely more rattled than I was though I can hardly imagine feeling more sick and nervous than I was. At least I did not cry… About that. 

Picture this, now. Here I am standing in the office wanting to be nearly anywhere else on earth and I have already gone this far and can’t turn back. Visions of the last time I was in a principal’s office flashed in my brain. The way the pattern on the carpet swirled in front of me and I could almost imagine myself throwing up right on that floor. It made me a little more nauseous than I already was to think back to that last time. 

I suppose it shows I have made improvements to my outside-of- the-classroom teaching skills that I was slightly less terrified at this moment. I actually felt as though I had the upper hand instead of feeling like I might be scolded for bringing them to the office for something petty. There in lies (so far) what I found as the biggest difference between my student teaching and teaching; I am less afraid to make decisions that require involving others. Yes, I want to do it by myself but I also know that when I say there is a problem others know it is a problem. When I student taught, if I couldn’t go to my mentor teacher about it, I didn’t go to anyone because I felt like others were not responsible for me and my problems. Now I recognize that some things have to be delt with with the help of others. 

Even in the few days I have been on my own (mostly) in the room, I have noticed changes. I am more confident in my ability to make snap decisions in a rational way. I do not feel so nervous punishing students for misbehaving. 

I suppose this little trip to the principal’s office lead me a little further toward being the best teacher I can be. 


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