Mud Pie with Sprinkles On It 

Today was like a mud pie with sprinkles on it. The whole day the kids were there, they were aweful. They didn’t stop talking all day long! No matter what I did they just kept doing whatever they wanted. They were running around the room  during inside recess, pushing each other at the pencil sharpener, shouting across the room while I was teaching. I sent 6 notes home. They would just not stop. I even spent 10 minutes talking to them about their behavior. It was outrageous! Mean Miss Haley definitely showed up but even her methods proved not to work on this particular day. To be completely honest, I have nearly started thinking of myself as Mean Miss Haley all the time. I guess I am fine with it. I am not going to loose sleep over being mean all the time. 

I hope that this is the final push and after this they will realize I mean what I say and they are not going to get away with nonsense like that. I doubt it but I hope. So over all, the day was about as great as getting a great big mud pie instead of a cake. 

Then after school there was a situation on the bus with one of my students and two other teachers, whom I like very much, told me about it. I asked if I ought to go in the office and help deal with it and they basically told me that it happened on the bus so it was not my responsibility. As a joke, they told me to run. So, I turned and pretended to walk away. After a minute, we all ended up in one of the teacher’s rooms and talked about all the crazy stuff going on in our rooms and parents we all knew. It was really nice to talk with everyone. I know teaching is a pretty isolated job if you don’t consider mediating arguments between ten year olds stimulating and meaningful conversation.  

Turns out the teacher next to me is good friends with a couple of my high school friends. We talked about them and how in the past our paths have crossed because she came and saw a few of the shows I was in while I was in school. It made me feel a whole lot better about my day to hear form everyone else. Little steps toward belonging in this new and strange place like this conversation put a colorful coating on a pretty ick day. 

At least it had some sprinkles and wasn’t just a big pile of wet dirt! 


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