An Hour in the Library

Sometimes a trip to the library can really put things back in perspective! Especially when the librarian is one as fabulous as the one I know!

Yesterday, I ran into a former student and that former student’s parent who had come in after me twice last year when I was only the student teacher. I just had to tell the teacher aide from the class (who now works at the library) the whole story so I stopped by the library this afternoon and ended up spending an hour there telling her about my class and having her fill me in on everyone in town. I love that I can go to her and know she will know something about the person I am talking about. She will probably even tell me everything I ever need to know about that person and their family and how they are related to this other family.

She brought some perspective to a situation that happened on the bus yesterday which caused one of my students to not be at school today. When I heard about the situation and what happened while the student was being disciplined, I was a little confused because i had not previously seen any behavior indicating that this might be a problem. After talking with the librarian and hearing what she knew, I am more confident that the version of the story I have been hearing was accurate. Not that I doubted the other teachers’ words but I was a little shocked that she would have behaved in this way. Now that several people have confirmed that this was not an isolated incident, I can more appropriately manage this student and keep tabs to avoid repeating my past mistakes.

While I was there, a high school student found it entertaining to attempt to flirt with me. Even after he found out I am a teacher and I work in the school building he goes to school in. Great. The only positive I can see coming out of this unfortunate situation is the thought that at least my students do not somehow have it in their brains that dating me is even close to a possibility. I guess I will have to start wearing my sweaters buttoned up at the library…

Oh the joys of working in small town where everyone is related to everyone.


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