Making Friends

After a rough week where one thing after another tried to break me down, I can say I am crushing it in fourth grade. I know it sounds a bit conceited but after the week I went through I think I have a right to be a little proud of myself.

I cannot go into detail about all of the nonsense because a lot of it is quite serious and I don’t feel right to share it with the world. Just know that things are happening in my room that I feel very upset about. It was a tricky week. I tread lightly but also had to come down hard on many things. I am so thankful for all of the people around me who have been so thoughtful and have checked up on me and made sure everything was alright.

My intermediate mentor invited me out with her and a few other teachers and I have to say it was exactly what I needed. I feel like I am finally fitting in and making friends (as cheesy as that sounds). It is really nice to belong and to know so many people want to make sure I doing alright. Things are going well in terms of my own progress. Things are what they are in terms of student behavior that is out of my control. My student teaching mentor and I talked for a long while this afternoon because apparently her last few weeks have been about as wild as mine.

She is so great and can always make me laugh! I feel very lucky to be able to take on this new adventure with so many fantastic people supporting me. I will definitely have to make them all muffins really soon!


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