“Of Course, listening to you works!”

After my conversations yesterday with Mrs. K., I did what I always do after she gives me advice and tried it. And of course, listening to her worked. She suggested that I try to pick out the students who were doing the right thing because I will be less frustrated with them. I gave out several positive reward cards for random things throughout the day. 

Mrs. K. was right. The students started to pay attention to who was getting rewards and why. I read from the history book and gave out candy for knowing where we were on the page and for answering the comprehension questions that went along with the reading. Most of them payed attention. Things were better. 

After school, I sat down at each student’s desk and wrote them a positive note on a sticky note. They love sticky notes and I find the on my desk all the time with nice notes to me. Honestly, even if every one of my students looks at it and throws it out and never thinks about it again, I am still glad I did it. It made me realize that there is actually something I like about every student. 

Once again, Mrs. K. managed to say the exact right thing to make me think and change the way I do things for the better. I texted her after school and told her how right she was. I definitely feel better about the whole thing. I know it is probably a false sense of security but I am going to ignore that and sleep well tonight! 


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