The Lostness Monster Feelings Are Back

I have wrote about my “lostness monster” feelings before and for a while things were getting better. I have slid backwards a little, though. I feel lost again. I am not sure what I am doing and it is beginning to show. 

I think people are going to start noticing soon that I really may not be able to do this. I am going to keep pushing forward but I feel very worried. This morning when I woke up I remembered something. 

Kids in a lot of schools will be fine without school. Their parents would teach them or hire someone to teach them. They will be happy and well rounded. They will be successful in life even if I am not there. 

If I am not there at my school, no one else will be. 

I was the only one who applied. Without me being there no one will be. I may not be overly qualified but at least I am there. 

The only problem with that logic is that my kids still need to pass fourth grade… 


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