Four Lice

At summer camp, the camp nurse frequently recites the following poem to be staff. I feel it is quite fitting to the day I had today.

Wash your hands,

Wash your hands,

Wash your hands. 


I have one student who frequently demands to go to the nurse. She asks me four to seven times a day to go down for various illnesses, none of which she ever ends up having. Today she claimed she had lice. She has been claiming this for weeks. I have sent her several times and the nurse has sent her back saying there where no lice. 

Today she asked and I said no. I told her that she has claimed she has lice too many times and I do not thinks she really has them. 

Five minutes later, she held her hand out to me and said again that she had lice. Four live lice sat in her hand. 

I nearly said, “get out…” 

Instead, I held it together, didn’t make vomiting sounds, and told her to take herself and her lice to the nurse. 

I cannot stop itching… Round two of the phantom lice has begun. 


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