A Kid in a Trash Can 

My struggle as a teacher continued today as one of my students managed to get herself stuck in the trash can in our classroom. She claimed to have fallen in but being honest, this is not Mean Girls and people don’t just fall into trash cans. 

It was incredibly frustrating that my students might beat each other up and call each other names constantly but the second someone makes a big deal about falling in the trash they suddenly care. They all wanted to try to help her out. Well pulling her out is not going to work. This is something you have to get yourself out of. 

The other students were making such a huge deal about pulling her out she was enjoying the attention and I was about to loose it on her. Well, I didn’t have to because low and behold here is the principal standing in the door way. Way to go, Miss Haley… 

Then, this afternoon the principal came by for a surprise observation. Whether this was planned on her part or spurred by my inability to keep my students off the floor and out of the trash can. I do not know how the results of my observation will be expressed to me but my guess is it will be on the following scale-

A- Aw shoot, this girl stinks 

B- bad… Just bad…

C- crap she has no idea what she’s doing 

D- darn, we should not have hir d this one

F- the f- word… 

I imagine somewhere on that scale will be where I fall. I am not looking forward to that conference. Not one bit… 


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