The Facts

The facts are these:

  •  I had a cinnamon roll today
  • I got feedback from the principal about when she came in and observed me
  • My student teaching mentor is a fabulous person who never ceases to make me feel better about my life
  • My coworkers are the best coworkers anyone could ask for

The day started out well, went smoothly, and ended with reading one of my favorite books to the students. They actually sit quietly while I read it to them and honestly they are never completely silent. Things were good. 

Then I got a paper about my recent observation. The one that happened right after the principal came in to find one of my perfect angels stuck in the trash can… I wanted to cry a little before reading it, I was so nervous. 

Things were not bad. My principal told me a few things she liked, a few she didn’t, and we can both now move on with our days. I am a little nervous that there will be more she has to say about this in a more formal format but for now I’ll take it. 

I asked Mrs. K. to look at the observation I got back and she and I discussed it. I will probably take it to my intermediate mentor and ask her what to think about it an what to expect in the future because she knows how our school works. 

Now to the great part of the day…

The teacher in the room next to me brought cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon to school for us today. I could have hugged her! But we’re not that close and that may have been weird. Also after corralling fourth graders all day, I cannot possibly smell my best. The teacher on the other side of me is bringing cupcakes tomorrow. I am really going to have get on the wagon and bake something soon! I said I would bring muffins tomorrow but I am going to wait until Friday as a happy fall break treat. 

I am really pleased with the way things are going right now. I found a book my students actually like and  I get to fulfill my dreams of acting on stage in front of a critical audience and perform a one woman show about witches (we are reading the book The Witches). They are finally making some progress. My school is full of nice people who smile a lot and it is really nice! 

Things are nice (knock on wood)! 


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