First Week of the Rest of the Year

I think I taught the best fourth grade lesson I have yet. It was on drawing conclusions. I borrowed some ideas for anchor charts on Pinterest. I was really able to get my point across to the kids. We are working on it during whole group reading and during small group reading. 

Today my writing lesson didn’t go as well as I thought. I read an article that hilighted the difference between having kids write a lot and explicitly teaching them writing strageties. I tried it and realized how poor my students writing skills really are… I had not a single paper that was even three mistakes from perfect. Things are worse off than I thought! 

My number one goal this quarter is to get into the habit of  grading papers as they come in instead of waiting until midterms. So far things have gone well. It’s only the second day but I think I am starting strong. 

We shall see… We shall see… 


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