A Brief Moment of Win

Report cards went out today. It was a dismal moment for quite a few of my fourth graders. Fourth grade is hard. I’ve told them that. I remind them frequently that they have to work hard to get good grades in fourth grade. I remind them that thier effort is in direct relation to thier grade. They were a little shocked despite my consistent warnings.  

We were reviewing multiplication again today when one student, who’s level of effort was greatly represented by his poor grade, shouted out, “oh my God! It makes sense when I pay attention!” 

First win for the day! Now, I won’t lie to myself that this revelation will last or will extend beyond that one single moment but it was a step toward winning the whole battle. 

The second win can after report cards were passed out. One student, who I believe never turned more than three papers in the whole quarter, looked up at me and said, “I think I can make these fs into cs!” I was like, “yes! Please!” You could do it if you just did your work! 

Little by little, I think I  am working away at the shell that keeps my students from caring about thier grades and the rules! Little by little but at least it’s something! 


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