We Got Lucky

I called my best friend today. We rarely see each other anymore but we try to talk often. We talk about school and our students and new adventures as first year adults. Today’s conversation fell to the topic of our students teaching mentor teachers. I told her about a few of the students teachers in our school now and she talked about other student teachers she knows and halfway through the conversation we both kind of paused for a minute. My friend simply said, “We got lucky, Haley… We got really lucky.” 

I could not agree more. After four years of lectures and practicums, a semester of learning how to be a copy of two fantastic teachers, and now our first year in the adult world (me as teacher, her as a super busy classroom aide) surrounded by the supportive people in our schools, I can  absolutely agree with her. The more I work where I do, the more obvious it becomes. I am beyond happy because everyone is so great. 

This afternoon, the teacher in the room next door are lunch in my room because there were people in her room. I asked her for any suggestions about teaching my kids two digit by two digit multiplication. She offered to bring her class over and have them work one on one or in small groups with my students. We met in the commons and sorted the students into groups. They actually worked together and worked the whole time. I think my students actually get it now! 

I love how everyone is willing to go that extra little bit for all the kids. Things are hard in a school like ours but it goes to show how very dedicated everyone is contrary to the popular belief that when schools do poorly it’s because the teachers are not good teachers. It’s the small things that make a big difference and I notice more of those things every day.

We got lucky. Maybe things are not always perfect and maybe things don’t work out as often as they should but if you look a little more deeply than just the surface you’ll see how very lucky I’ve been to be around the people I am every day. 


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