A Political Comparison 

In the community I live in with the job I have, I have to be very careful about my political opinion comments. So far, I’ve been good. I resisted the temptation to shout back at a student who loudly interrupted me to proclaim that no one likes Trump. 

I still don’t know who I am voting for next week, but the temptation to shut this student’s loud mouth comments down was strong. A well placed, fact-laden argument does little to an intrenched politically opinionated fourth grader. I could have spouted that Clinton has 46% supper and Trump has 45%. The difference of 1% is well within the margin of error. 

Somehow that logical factual argument did not seem as though it would have the intended effect. I kept quiet and replied that if he shouted out or interrupted me again I would take away recess time. 

I was very proud of most of them today in reference to an assignment where the read a biography on Clinton and one on Trump and compared the two. I threatened them that they would have to redo the assignment if the wrote any opinions in their Venn diagram. I have yet to grade one with an opinion in it. 

Congrats, fourth graders! You can listen to directions and you can learn new things! 

Congrats, Miss Haley! You may have learned how not to be a loud mouth know it all…



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