Operation Donuts Mayonaise Salt BreaD Radish

…And yes that D in bread is capitalized! 

I began teaching long division today. I outlined the process by telling my students that the steps to long division were D, M, S, BD, R. Then I asked them at random to come up with a funny phrase where each letter stood for a word. They came up with donuts, Mayonaise, salt, bread, radish. 

What they heck? I asked myself. This is the recipe for long division. They students thought it was hilarious. I can’t take credi for the idea. The teacher down the hall had the idea, I just let my kids come up with it on their own. 

I was surprised by their creativity. Mayonaise? BreaD! I love that the student who came up with it used the b and d in the same word! Crazy kids! Crazy math!

Donuts, Mayonaise, Salt, BreaD, Radish! 


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