I wrote yesterday about how my students did a fantastic job of completing their Trump Clinton compare and contrast. Today I pushed the line a little more. I choose two issues that Time For Kids had articles on, education and the environment. The students compared and contrasted the candidates views on the issues. I threatened again with the idea they may have to do it agian during recess if they included opinions. They did a very nice job once again. 

Tomorrow, I am going to have them brainstorm a list of things that they think the president can do (we had someone suggest that the president could get rid of mine craft forever, oh no, and it devolved into a shouting match between two students about who was worse, Trump or Clinton) and we will search the Internet in order to compare and contrast what we thought with what is true. 

I think they have quite a few misconceptions about what the president really can and cannot do. 

We have also been writing essays on why we would make good presidents. Most are almost finished. I am going to print the essays and have them draw themselves as the president. This has been great for a lot of the students because I forced them to think of at least two things they are good at and use facts to prove why they are good at those things. They often tell me they are dumb or that they can’t do anything right. I want them to know they can do great things because they have the basic skills to do so. 

Most of them have risen to the challenge. I am quite proud! 


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