Can someone please explain to me where all the gosh dang pencils in my classroom have gone? Seriously!  Every day one student comes up to me and says, “I (pause) do not (pause) have (pause) a pencil…” 

I finally, instead of just handing him a new one for the fourth straight day, asked him, “what am supposed to do about that? I am under no circumstances getting you another new pencil. You are one your own…”

He stared, open mouthed for a moment before shuffling backward to his desk while never taking his eyes (which were open so wide I could see the whites all around them) off me. Probably not my best most professional way to handle this, but holy crows! 

Here’s the thing though. My students don’t leave the room except to go to specials and lunch, neither of which require a pencils to be removed from my classroom. There are NEVER pencils on the floor at the end of the day. I swear if I have one more kid ask me for a pencil when I full well know they have been given one recently I’m going to have to take myself to the office for my behavior. 

You can remember your cell phone, your candy, and a binder full of Pokemon cards (which have been banned from out school) the. You should have no problems remembering where you left your pencil. What the fudge is wrong with the hooligans? 


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