The Teacher on the Bus…

The teacher on the bus yells, “if you keep talking about that girl’s period you and I will do some research on menstruation and you will not like it…”

Today I followed a student onto the bus today because he decided to make fun of girl in class who had some female issues today. She told the librarian he was doing it and I heard her talking, said I would take care of it, and ran outside. 

I made it onto the bus. I have never seen this particular student so worried. His eyes were the size of dinner plates. He is not always the most well behaved so I am sure he was terrified that he was about to get it in front of his whole bus. I did my best to keep it PG. 

I guess I am that crazy teacher. I just can’t handle anyone making my students feel bad even another one of my students. I suppose I am absolutely okay with being crazy teacher. 


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