Considering It

I am preparing for my student’s candy trade/ French and Indian War project. While standing over the cutting board chopping twizzlers in half, the thought crossed my mind to sit down with the bowl of them and eat them with a fork. It. Has been a long day and last week was a long week. I deserve the candy way more then students, right? 

I mean, I have not yelled at them except to get them to quiet down enough to listen to me, I have not lost my cool even though I lost my patience, and I have not punished students too severely that I regretted it. I should eat the candy all by myself! 

When it really comes down to it, my students are probably not going to get the candy. We are at 145 points (since Monday) and we have to be at 400 before the end of the day tomorrow to do the project. I do have a paper version where they do not get candy but still get the experience and the learning opportunity. I am pretty excited about the whole thing. I just wish they had behaved enough to get the candy. 

Tomorrow is another day, right? Right? 


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