Visiting Mrs. K.

While not an unusual event, I visited Mrs. K. yesterday. I wanted to get into the Thanksgiving spirit and thank her for being so awesome and always taking the time to help me out. We talked and on the way out the door I thanked her. I truly would not be in the place I am in doing the things that I love and managing to do them with some level of skill if it were not for her. She prepared me better than anything else for the life I have chosen to live as a teacher. I owe her a lot. 

One of the things she is very best at is saying exactly what I need to hear at the exact moment I need to hear it. I wish this were something that came naturally to me. She replied to my thanks by saying that I could have done it without her. I have made it 70ish days all on my own. 

Coming from someone so good at what she does, any compliment makes me feel a whole lot better. I am very, very lucky to have someone like her on my side. 


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