365 Days

It has been exactly 365 days since I started my student teaching blog, The View from Student Teaching. One year and so much has changed! One year ago I wrote:

“One month from now I begin a journey the will either be the springboard to a great career in teaching or a total flop that leaves me in dark about what my job is really all about. 30 days until I am almost on my own in a sea of small people constantly in need of something from me. I think I am ready. I guess we will see!”

Boy was in for a shock! Then I was so young and knew so little. I had no clue that one of the best things that have happened to me was about to start. Since then, I really have gone off that “springboard” into the best job I could have. One year and I have learned more than I never ever knew I needed to learn. So many great people have I met in the last year. So many learning experiences where those people helped me see that failing once only means next time I can do it right! 

I learned first hand what it means when people say the ones who are hardest to love often need it the most. I learned that I can actually be a teacher and down right decent one, at that. I learned that sometimes being a person comes before being a teacher and sometimes being a stickler comes before being a person. 

I learned from some of the greatest people. 365 days is long time. Some of it dragged but most disappeared so quickly I can hardly imagine that it was real. One year ago, I was so filled with fear, confusion, and anxiety over a multitude of imagined horror scenarios. Now, I can look forward to the next day with confidence that the world won’t end because I make stupid rookie mistakes. 

I am so thankful for everyone that has stuck with me through this first year. I promise the stories will never stop and I won’t go back to where I was before. I promise that I will get better with each passing day. I have to. What choice do I have when I am surrounded by those people that changed me for the better? I have to give as much as they gave me, even from the beginning when they probably asked themselves what on God’s earth they had gotten themselves into. 

A year of progress isn’t easy and neither is a year of learning from repeated failures but I look back and know for sure it was absolutely worth every minute. 


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