Today I was helping students with a paper where they were working on changing facts to opinions and opinions to facts. I sat down with one of the students because he is one I have flagged as a “struggling reader.” At the beginning of the year this students was my third lowest reader. His lexile was third lowest in the class. It was pretty obvious that he struggled. His writing also showed how far behind he was. Everything was spelled phonetically. He had to sound out almost every word even the three letter words. 
I sat down next to him and asked him to read the sentence to me. I full well expected to have to repeat it so he could comprehend it. He read the sentence, told me it was a fact, and said how he would change it. He asked me if that was right. 
I almost said, “what?” I couldn’t believe that he was able to do that without help. All of a sudden, he has this crazy drive to be better than he was before. His lexile has gone up 70 points in a month. Right around 100 points is a year of growth. I am not sure how much it has to do with me if any at all. I am just glad he has made this choice! 


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