Picasso Didn’t Show Up and Do That so I am Very Unhappy

Two students decided to go all Michelangelo meet Dali meets Picasso today. What it resulted in was an atrocity that ruined the carpet in my room and possibly the desks as well. These students have been in trouble before for cutting up markers with their scissors and covering their hands with ink. The rule of natural consequences dictated that I would not send them down to wash their hands and they would have to figure out how to get their work done in their present condition. They ended up having to throw out all of the markers, their scissors were confiscated, and they had to stay in from recess and finish their work. 

Apparently, it was not enough because now, as I said, my carpet is ruined and they will be scrubbing that carpet during recess until that stain comes out. They will also scrub the desks. They will write an apology letter to the principal and the janitor for their behavior, and make a list of 30 things they could have done instead of making that mess that would have had a positive effect on the school, the class and their grades. 

I’m not fooling around kids. You’re about to feel consequences like you have never felt before. I also emailed the principal to asking her to come and speak with them when she has some time. I intend for this to take place over several days becis we nothing short or perfect grammar and spotless (as possible) carpet will come out of this. I will be calling home for both of them as well. 

Like I said, I’m not messing around with consequences anymore. Two of my students did not get a mini snack I passed out to students who were trying out the problems I was asking them to. By the way, they were simple multiplication facts like 1×4=4. One came to me after I passed them out and said, “look I did it now!” I said awesome and walked away. I asked you to work and you choose to wait around for someone to do it for you… No! No treat for you. 

It’s going to be an interesting Friday… 


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