One Year 

Today marks exactly one school year of being with my school district, first as a student teacher now as a classroom teacher. One year ago, I visited my student teaching classroom for their Christmas party. I was completely overwhelmed with meeting new people, seeing crazy activities, and not knowing what the heck was really going on. So far this year, things have been fairly calm. With the exception of my student doing the rock on hand signal, the Christmas  program went by without a hitch! I even got to eat cookies while sitting at the front of the stage. 

One year and I have come a very long way. I have met amazing people; my fourth grade team, my student teaching mentor, the classroom-aid-gone-librarian, and they have really made this year a spectacular one! I could not have asked for anything better. Last year, if you had told me I would be teaching fourth grade at the school I am at, I would have laughed in your face and yet here I am. I am here because of the kindness and strength, and all around goodness of the amazing people I have come to know this 180 school days.  Thanks so much fourth grade, thanks Mrs. H., and thanks a million Mrs. K. You all made this year shine! 

I love my job, I love my class, and I love it because all of the great people around me make me realize every day how far I have come and how much I have learned. To one year and to many more to come! Thank you! 


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