Stressless Sleep is Stressing me Out!  

All break I was bothered by this feeling that something wasn’t right. I couldn’t figure it out. It took making it through today to realize what it was. I didn’t wake up once over break at 2:43 a.m. to think about school or my class or all the work I had to do that I was putting off. 

Now, for most people this would be a good feeling. Yes, it was quite nice to sleep through a full night and not have stress leaching my sleep away but it makes me wonder what was so different from spring break last year and now? Last year’s spring break I was awake at all hours of the night worrying about and thinking about the work I had and the class. 

What makes the difference? Is it experience? Lack of sleep finally catching up with after a year of being in a classroom full time? Is it liking my job more? Less? Is it because I finally put my feelings about my job into words (if you haven’t read that post yet I suggest it. Things might come together for you like they are beginning to for me)?

Not waking up in the middle of the night stressing would be nice if I were used to it. I am not used to it and now I am worried. What would cause the change? Is it for the better or does this mean other things are weighing on my mind? 

I full well expect to wake up worrying about this in the coming days… Super. 


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