The Question of the Day

Every few days one of students comes up to me at the end of the day and says, “Miss Haley, are you ready for your question of the day?”

It’s truly one of my favorite things. The questions are always pretty silly but I really enjoy answering them. 

Today’s question of the day…

“Miss Haley, would you rather have 3 kids or 32,000 kids but they all leave you alone?” 

Wow… What a loaded question! 

I cannot ever help but laugh at the questions but the student knows I am laughing with her. 

I told her I think I would rather have three kids who bothered me. I told her three kids would be much less expensive than 32,000. My thoughts really went to, “do I have to actually give birth to 32,000 babies or could I adopt them all?” I didn’t ask her that. The kids are only in fourth grade after all. 

I love that she asks these questions because the rest of the class gets really invested in my answers and debate about whether I made the right choice or not. They sometimes try to persuade me to choose a certain answer if I tell the girl I have to think about it. I hope that this might help the students realize I am not just a teacher who makes them do work and gives them bad grades. It’s good to be a little silly and I am thankful that this student gives me that opportunity. 

It made me think today that I write a bit pessimistically sometimes but there are things I do love about my class. It may not be the place I belong for the rest of my life but for right now I wouldn’t give up my question of the day for anything! 


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