Would you Rather…

Every morning I ask my students a question on the board and they answer under it with a short word or two answer. Today I asked them, “would you rather go to Camp Green Lake of jail.” I don’t think a single one of them picked Camp Gteen Lake. The other teachers who come in to help throughout the day kept saying, “this Camp Gteen Lake must be a pretty bad place if they would all rather go to jail!” 

It had been really great because we are working on summarizing so I can have the students summarize why Camp Green Lake is so much worse than jail. 

If you haven’t read the book Holes by Louis Sachar you should. It’s one of my favorites. I read it the first time in fourth grade and I just love getting to read my old favorites to my kids. I love that it is one of the few times every day where they are actually quiet because they enjoy something at school. Maybe, just maybe, these really stunning books with inspire lifelong reading. I know that fourth grade was when I got back into my love of reading after a brief funk and I owe it to great books like Holes and A Long Way From Chicago. I can’t wait to really get into to meat of both of these! 


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