For Cake’s Sake

I really have some wonderful people that I work with. I love how much the people around me step up when I need it the most. They are so freaking wonderful!

On Tuesday, I spent an hour and fifteen minutes on the phone with Mrs. K. and she sorted out all my problems. She listened to my worries and gave me excellent suggestions. I felt a million times better after we talked. 

After school, I walked with one of the other teachers and she made me feel much better about crazy stuff that is happening in my room. It is really nice that I have so many lovely people I can trust and who listen to me.

I was talking with one of my friends and we discussed how too few people really appreciate the good things other people do for them. People too quickly let good people out of their lives and tend to keep the negative ones around. I may be annoying but believe me if I find a good person I am going to hang onto their friendship.

 So many people do their best for me every day and I just can’t get over how lucky I am! I mean, really! You don’t often find groups of people so great that you can’t believe how lucky you are! 


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