I am really excited for tomorrow! We are going to be doing the basic MLK style topics. I had a conversation with one of my students Friday where she mentioned, “those bad people who have scarves on their heads.” 

I am excited to have the opportunity to talk with them about how one bad person does not make all people bad. We are going to discuss MLK. I assume my students will say it was unfair to not let the kids go to the same schools or the people to use the same restrooms. 

I want to talk with the students about why people did not want people of different skin color going to the same schools. I want to talk about how one person who does the wrong thing does not make all of the other people like them do the wrong thing. 

In our community, the student don’t see many people who are not white. Many of the people have a pretty small worldview. I have students who assume all Muslims are terrorists, all Middle Eastern people are going to hurt them. I hope that when they compare history with what is happening now they will choose not to believe that all people of one type are all bad. 

I hope this works out for them… 


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