101 Days 

101 days of being a teacher. 101 days of fourth grade. 101 days of winging it and hoping I’m not totally failing. I’m not sure if what I am doing is helping. But I do know that things are better. 

Today I stopped talking for two minutes two separate times. Both occasions I fully expected the mass chaos, shouting, and getting out of our seats that usually coincides with me not talking. The room was silent both of those times… It was so strange. 

I can be proud of them for that. I am proud of the progress. And I don’t feel bad about being proud of that. It may not seem like much but it’s an accomplishment and I am going to be proud. 

101 days have gone. I look forward to the rest. I cannot promise they will ever be good again but I can definitely promise they will misbehave again… I will just be proud when they are good. That’s about all I can do, right? 


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