Where’s the Flood? 

Today began with writing down the list of student names I needed to question the principal about. I went to find her in the gym where the students meet in the morning before class. Immediately upon entering the gym, I was asked a question I did not understand. Is your class reading about boating? 

I used my favorite phrase, “I’m sorry. What?” 

My question was responded to with a third question, Why is one of your students wearing a life jacket? 

“I’m sorry. What?” 

We live in mother flipping Indiana and it is mother flipping February. A life jacket? 

Sure enough there was my smallest student, scrawny arms and scrawny legs, asking people to feel his “abs.” He was wearing a life jacket underneath his winter coat.

In all honesty, it says nowhere in our dress code that you cannot wear a life jacket to school. Maybe it should but I’m not sure anyone has ever tried it before… 

By the time he made it to class the life  jacket  was safely stored away and there was no more problem with it. Stranger things have happened I guess, but I’m not sure how much stranger. I should tweet this to Jimmy Fallen he would probably read it on tv! 


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