The Day of Love

Valentine’s Day was a mixed bag. Actually, it was like a big box of chocolates that doesn’t have the key to tell you which chocolates are which. One moment, things are moving smoothly then bam! what was that? Chocolate with coconut in it? 

The students came in really relaxed about putting their valentine cards on the counter and their treats on the other side. They did their work all day with no crazy holiday behavior nonsense. 

At recess, a student came up to me and said hello. Then she ran away. Maybe five minutes later she came back up to me and said, “is it okay to be a lesbian?” 

I’m sorry, what? 

Where in the fourth grade did that come from? What in the fourth grade am I supposed to say to that? Thankfully, two and half summers at church camp have canned my answer to a solid don’t respond to the premise of the question. 

“That’s something you should discuss with your mom. She can help you make up your mind about that.” After a brief pause to let that sink in I added, “you still have to be nice to everyone.”

She looked at me a little concerned and assured me it wasn’t her that thought she was a lesbian. After she walked away, I looked at the other teacher and asked her if in fourth grade girls even like boys… She replied that if the girls looked around at some of the boys in fourth grade they would probably think they don’t like boys. 

I said if they were smart, the girls would look at the boys grades and run the other way! 

We’re not always the nicest people but we’re not the worst… Happy Valentines Day. 


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