Running in the Hallway

I was always told, “don’t run in the halls!” I always tell my kids, “don’t run in the hall!” This afternoon, I ran in the hall. 

After lunch, two students were kicking each other in the cafeteria. On laid down on the floor and the other left. I asked the one on the floor to get up and he took off running. I ran after. As I ran I remembered the rule of thumb not to chase a student who is running from you. As I rushed past classrooms, I wondered if that counted if the student was not running away from you but toward someone. Anyway, I ran.

I assume he ran into the other student or pushed her because when I came around the corner with a classroom aid shortly behind me the girl was sitting on the floor and the students were all shouting about what happened. I took the girl by he shoulders and the aid walked with the boy. We walked separate ways down to the office. 

I guess it won’t be me getting into trouble this time! 


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