Real World Applications

Here are my suggestions for state test questions based on real life scenarios so students can apply their skills to real world situations. 

  1. If Miss Haley goes to the office 19 times today and it takes her 200 steps to get there, how badly does she want to put the student who caused her to have to do that in ISR?
  2. Part A: If Miss Haley starts with enough snacks to give each of her 26 students one after each of the four tests but she stress eats 16% of the snacks, how many trips to dollar general will she make in the week? 

2. Part B: If Miss Haley stays up until midnight stressing about the ISTEP and has to get up at 5:20 a.m., what percent of the candy she bought will she eat before 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday? How will that change the number of times she has to visit Dollar General?

            3. If Miss Haley and the teacher next door spend approximately an hour and a half testing students on Tuesday and spend approximately twice that time testing on Wednesday, how many state standards could they have covered if they did not have to take the test? 
Look out IDOE, I have more where those came from! 


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