I do what I want!

Things get messy in groups of people with different opinions, ways of doing things, and past experiences. It’s not an easy thing to live in the world we live in. So many things are difficult. So many things are unfair. 
So many times we look at our lives and wonder why the things that happen to us happen. We get angry and think we would be better off somewhere else… anywhere else!

Then you have one of those weird moments where the world shifts. Someone says salsa and you bolt out of a staff meeting and actually run through the parking lot talking to your coworkers about doing whatever you want. And you realize, “I can do whatever I want.” 

It takes a lot of kinds of people to make the world go around. Some people that are like you and some people that are different. You need people who are different to show you how you can be better. You need people just like you to remind you what you like about yourself. The thing is though, you get to decide. 

You get to choose how you feel about every day! You get to choose whether you crawl into a hole and think about all the stuff that’s awful or run through the parking lot yelling and get yourself some salsa. You have to look and see things the way you want to.

You have to look at the people around you and know that this person is everything you like about yourself, this person is smart enough to show you what you can work toward, this person is going to be there to support you, and this person is going to walk beside you and make the same mistakes you do! 

Your life is your choice and a terrible attitude will cause even the best life to look like one that doesn’t matter. Bad things will happen. People will yell. You get to let it happen, yell back, or smile at it and get you some salsa! 


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