Miss Haley and the Frog Round 2

Last year, I found a group of tadpoles. In the process of finding the tadpoles a frog jumped out and almost touched my face. We caught the frog and took pictures and I brought the tadpoles to Mrs. K.’s room. She asked if I could find more fort this year. My dad found one and I took it in today. My class frenzied over the visitor. We did a project on the tadpole and I took the projects and tadpole over to the elementary after school. When I got there, I left the tadpole in the classroom because Mrs. K. was not there. I went back to the office and asked where the kindergarten teachers were. The office lady paged her even after I said it was not a big deal and I could just leave it there. It was a little awkward but I am glad I got to talk to Mrs. K.

It is still weird looking back on all the fun, ridiculous situations I got myself into. Gosh, frogs are gross…


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