The Things I Don’t Do

Today was a day of doing things I don’t do. I’ll start from most recent and work my way back. 

This afternoon I assisted the coach of a little bitty kid baseball team at their itty bitty kid baseball practice. I volunteered for crowd control and wound up sporting. I threw the ball. I threw it more than once… I did not hit a kid! I did not injure myself! I sported! 

The not so great thing I did that I don’t do had to do with blood. A student got a terrible nose bleed at recess today. When I went over to see what was going on, there was blood in the grass. So much blood I could see it in the spring grass… That was the first time my head started reeling.

I tried not to look at the blood too much. We got to the doors and there was blood all over him because she was letting it drip on the ground. I told him he needed to start catching it so it didn’t go all over the floor. It didn’t work out so well and there was blood everywhere anyway. 

We made it to the nurses office. When I walked out of the nurse’s office, the principal and I talked. She asked what happened. I told her and she asked me if it was his all over me… His blood… all over my tan skirt… 

Sheer willpower kept me upright as the office brightened then darkened a little. I repeated over and over to myself that it wasn’t on my skin and there was nothing to faint over. Also I think I subconsciously knew that if I fainted they would probably call an ambulance and everyone would find out about it. 

Don’t hit the floor… Don’t hit the floor!

I happened to have a pair of jeans in my car that the principal let me go get and wear the rest of the day. Then I washed my skirt in the sink. 

It was a bizarre day of doing things that I don’t do… 


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