A Few Words

Though I’ve really only known them since January, two of my best coworkers have been so ridiculously supporting and encouraging I just have to write to thank them! 

So Mrs. S. and Mrs. J., thanks! 

Yesterday I went off the edge of sanity a little bit… It was pretty embarrassing but it happened. Mrs. S. said that she had noticed how much better I am at keeping the kids under my thumb. I am so thankful she took the time to talk to me and to calm me down a little. 

Mrs. J. reminded me that everywhere you go you will have coworkers but you won’t always find family. Family… that’s the best way to put my feelings for my fellow teachers. 

I’m feeling better and I have decided that instead of squatting in my classroom like I have all year, I am going to make it look the way I want it to before summer. I can’t leave the year not liking where I am. I just have to make more choices to be happy. 

I love all the people I work with and I think right at this moment in my life I have to choose my dream team over my dream job… It’s a tricky place to be deciding between two things you love but instead of letting it pull me apart anynore, I’m making the choice to be happy with one of those things. I’m not sure I would be happy without my school family and that makes me realize that I won’t always like my job. I may not even be able to find anything I like about it but the people who work with me. 

The people at my school are seriously amazing and I could not do life without them! 


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