Class Dojo

I have been told twice that Class Dojo might work pretty well for my students in terms of their behavior problem. Apparently, I do need to be told twice because I started it today and am using my phone to give and take points and the points are projected on the SmartBoard and every time I got my phone out the kids were all telling each other, “she got out her phone! She is going to take points!” Or “she got out her phone, she is going to give us points!” 

Every time I grabbed my phone they a froze. Sometimes I did it in secret like when they were supposed to be working. They screen would make the happy or sad noise and they would look up at it to see if it was them who got points or lost points. It is pretty exciting. 

And holy crows! Is it easy! I didn’t think I would like it because I would be constantly having to click and edit and do things but I set it up in about 20 min and it is so fast during class. Much faster than yelling over and over again.