So Darn Close

I am about two days away from publishing my first ever book. I wrote Peanut’s Great Escape in January, did all of the illustrations in the spring, and am now attempting to publish it for sale. The book is all about the class hamster my student teaching mentor had last year and her adventures to find out where the class goes at the end of the day. I have been working and working to get this ridiculous publishing process over. I submitted it for review and should hear back from Amazon soon about whether it is ready to go or not.

I honestly cannot wait to get my first copy of what people might actually purchase. The actual first copy belongs to my mentor teacher because it was her thank-you-for-putting-up-with-me gift. I am so darn close to finally finishing this one, I want to start work on the second book. I hope once it gets published you all will take a look and consider including it in your personal or class library. I am honored every day that people read my words on this blog and would be beside myself with happiness if other people liked my little book!

As writer, I write what I know and about what I experience every day. I love that other people get a little bit of enjoyment out of my stories. I write because I love it. I publish it because if one other person gets the same enjoyment from my writing as I do from other’s writing, it was well worth it.

Please take a look into Peanut’s Great Escape, soon to be on Amazon (hopefully)!


Meet Elvira

While I have no idea where my classroom will be, what grade I will teach, or even if I will have my own room this coming school year; I do already have a class pet. Her name is Elvira and she is a venus flytrap. I am really excited to have a very different kind of pet than most teachers have in their classrooms. I will be posting updates about Elvira and my students interactions with her so I thought I would introduce her here and now.

I like having a plant because she is a little like a live animal without all the hassle and mess. Elvira eats bug and is pretty high maintenance but she does not smell and I do not have to clean out her cage like you would a hamster or other cute fuzzy rodent. I also do not have to scrub scum off of the walls of her tank like I would for a fish or turtle. (That and the fact that I am not particularly a fan of cute furry things. I don’t really even like other people’s dogs.) Elvira is quite perfect for me.

I think having a carnivorous plant in my classroom will be a great learning experience for my students. It is something unusual and generally not something they would come into contact with in their daily lives. I brought Elvira into my student teaching classroom for the week we talked about plants and one of my students said it was her favorite part of kindergarten. That is pretty cool to have been able to provide an experience for a student that they said was their favorite part of the school year (especially because I was competing with days like the field trip and the day we spent an hour playing in bounce houses).

Whether or not you think a plant can be a pet, Elvira is going to be my class pet. I will let the students help me feed her and water her. It will be a great learning experience for them. I will keep you posted on the life and times of Elvira Flytrap so make sure you keep looking in through my classroom window to see how she is doing. I am excited to share her with a new group of students and hope they will enjoy her uniqueness just as much as I do!