“I am confident your paper does not say ‘womb’ on it…”

My circus continues to grow ever larger as the days go on. From the addition of some not-so-welcome animals to the former acrobat gone strong man, a whole bunch of funny and ridiculous nonsense went on in my class today. I know this post is a little choppy but I am just trying to get it all out there without making you read an hour’s worth of words.


It was apparently a dancing day in my room because one of my quiet and pretty well behaved students got up out of her seat after winning a game and started dancing like Beyonce in the Crazy in Love music video (ok, I might know what dabbing is but the pelvic thrust thing I do not know the name of… I am not quite that cool).

As I said before, we have had some newcomers to our circus family. We already have lice… then we got fleas… then this afternoon, two hours after recess was finished, I became aware of the presence of a very large black beetle comfortably nesting in a student’s pencil case. He had brought this new friend in from recess (which is against school rules) and hid it from me until it was nearly time to go home. I am not a fan of bugs but I am not exaggerating when I say this beetle was at least a full inch in length. I made the student throw it out the classroom window. We are the first floor and there is a nicely flowered courtyard out there so no harm came to the creepy crawly but for cows sakes who brings a monster like that into a classroom!

While this happened a few days ago, I feel like it should be shared within the context of this post about nonsense. It also relates to some peculiar behavior from the same student that did happen today. A few days ago, I walk into my classroom after recess to the my intermediate mentor teacher just letting my kids have it! I was not surprised that this was going on given the usual state of my students after outside recess. Apparently, one of my more acrobatic students was standing in the middle of the open space in the room with his chair above his head. Just standing there. Not threatening anyone or trying to throw the chair… Just standing nonchalantly with his chair above his head. Today, he was crawling around on the floor during our station time. I asked him why. He replied with a straight face and no sarcasm whatsoever, “I am a cat.” I told him to start being a student and to get his work done.


The student quote of the day comes from a boy in the class who was dancing in the hallway and when I asked him not to he replied, “you’re a teacher… How do you know what dabbing means?”

I have, in fact, used the internet at some point in my life, kid…

The teacher quote for today comes directly from your truly, “I am confident your paper does not say ‘womb’ on it.”

This is not health class. It’s grammar. No where on that paper does it say womb. It says whom. As in, “The sentence subject is about whom?” I somehow managed to escape having to explain to a bunch of ten year olds what a womb is so yay me!