Miss Haley and the Frog Round 2

Last year, I found a group of tadpoles. In the process of finding the tadpoles a frog jumped out and almost touched my face. We caught the frog and took pictures and I brought the tadpoles to Mrs. K.’s room. She asked if I could find more fort this year. My dad found one and I took it in today. My class frenzied over the visitor. We did a project on the tadpole and I took the projects and tadpole over to the elementary after school. When I got there, I left the tadpole in the classroom because Mrs. K. was not there. I went back to the office and asked where the kindergarten teachers were. The office lady paged her even after I said it was not a big deal and I could just leave it there. It was a little awkward but I am glad I got to talk to Mrs. K.

It is still weird looking back on all the fun, ridiculous situations I got myself into. Gosh, frogs are gross…


Weekend Work and the Survey

I surveyed my students anonymously about how they felt about school, the staff, and me. I felt pretty good when only 3/23 students said false to, “My teacher is a good teacher.” When I asked the students what they thought about our school most of them chose the positive answer choices. It was pretty refreshing to hear that my students don’t hate school, each other, and me as much as I thought they did.

I have spent Friday night and tonight looking over the data scanning for patterns. Something is a little depressing about that fact. It makes me feel better about some things and worse about others. The political scientist in me loves comparing all these numbers! I even had a another teacher ask for it!


So Darn Close

I am about two days away from publishing my first ever book. I wrote Peanut’s Great Escape in January, did all of the illustrations in the spring, and am now attempting to publish it for sale. The book is all about the class hamster my student teaching mentor had last year and her adventures to find out where the class goes at the end of the day. I have been working and working to get this ridiculous publishing process over. I submitted it for review and should hear back from Amazon soon about whether it is ready to go or not.

I honestly cannot wait to get my first copy of what people might actually purchase. The actual first copy belongs to my mentor teacher because it was her thank-you-for-putting-up-with-me gift. I am so darn close to finally finishing this one, I want to start work on the second book. I hope once it gets published you all will take a look and consider including it in your personal or class library. I am honored every day that people read my words on this blog and would be beside myself with happiness if other people liked my little book!

As writer, I write what I know and about what I experience every day. I love that other people get a little bit of enjoyment out of my stories. I write because I love it. I publish it because if one other person gets the same enjoyment from my writing as I do from other’s writing, it was well worth it.

Please take a look into Peanut’s Great Escape, soon to be on Amazon (hopefully)!

An Hour in the Library

Sometimes a trip to the library can really put things back in perspective! Especially when the librarian is one as fabulous as the one I know!

Yesterday, I ran into a former student and that former student’s parent who had come in after me twice last year when I was only the student teacher. I just had to tell the teacher aide from the class (who now works at the library) the whole story so I stopped by the library this afternoon and ended up spending an hour there telling her about my class and having her fill me in on everyone in town. I love that I can go to her and know she will know something about the person I am talking about. She will probably even tell me everything I ever need to know about that person and their family and how they are related to this other family.

She brought some perspective to a situation that happened on the bus yesterday which caused one of my students to not be at school today. When I heard about the situation and what happened while the student was being disciplined, I was a little confused because i had not previously seen any behavior indicating that this might be a problem. After talking with the librarian and hearing what she knew, I am more confident that the version of the story I have been hearing was accurate. Not that I doubted the other teachers’ words but I was a little shocked that she would have behaved in this way. Now that several people have confirmed that this was not an isolated incident, I can more appropriately manage this student and keep tabs to avoid repeating my past mistakes.

While I was there, a high school student found it entertaining to attempt to flirt with me. Even after he found out I am a teacher and I work in the school building he goes to school in. Great. The only positive I can see coming out of this unfortunate situation is the thought that at least my students do not somehow have it in their brains that dating me is even close to a possibility. I guess I will have to start wearing my sweaters buttoned up at the library…

Oh the joys of working in small town where everyone is related to everyone.


I have officially applied at nine different elementary schools in eight different school districts in two different states. I have heard nothing… It’s great! (I am being sarcastic.) I am not really sure what I doing wrong. I thought through ever answer I gave to every question each application asked and I made good grades in school. I emailed my cooperating teacher and asked her when I should start to panic about not having a job. She conveniently skirted the question. It did make me feel a little better to hear from her. I know I should try not to worry because many people are in the same boat I am but as the first day of school creeps closer, I have to wonder of this is really going to work out for me…

I am worried that I will never get a teaching job and continue working at my part-time, slightly-more-than-minimum-wage job. With nine applications under my belt, I would have thought at least one would contact me. I am definitely nervous that I just spent four years working toward something that will never happen. I guess I got my good 15 weeks in during student teaching. With the way things are going now, that is all the time I will spend teaching in a classroom!

A Camp Update

A whole heck of a lot of things have happened over the past week that have made me a better person and therefore a better teacher. I love camp and the difference it makes in the lives of campers as well as staff and everyone who comes into contact with it is significant. Here is last week in a nutshell…

  • I was in Omaha cabin and my co-counselor was the bomb! #sharkbaitomaha
  • I will be moving one cabin over to Ojibwa for week 4.
  • I will be a pathfinder both of my weeks at camp.
  • Four of my campers this week were in my cabin two years ago.
  • I have gotten to see both of my old co-counselors and most of my other camp friends.
  • My first camp friend and I did a running hug the first time we saw each other right in the middle of the dinning hall.
  • My very best camp friend and I got to talk and laugh and drive around together for hours.
  • I spent 2 hours in a Arby’s with my friend and then missed Finding Dory…
  • I have injured myself in the following ways- smacked my head on the wire chicken coup, smashed my finger in the cabin door while trying to kill a spider, burnt my finger at the cookout and still used it to shoot a bow and arrow because  love it so much, rowed the rescue boat until my chest muscles hurt so bad I had trouble sitting up this morning, and I fell out of the rescue boat chest first into the sand in front of God and everyone.
  • I had some deep conversations with other staff members and campers.
  • I finally listened to half of a song from Hamilton and feel an obsession coming on.
  • I got stuck by a train for 20 min.
  • I blobbed eight year olds at the lake.
  • I swam under the dock, which I have always been afraid to do because I thought my head might get stuck. My head did not get stuck.
  • I cooked on the pizza oven without any problems and no one had to eat cold pizza.
  • I learned to French braid.
  • I ate Mitchell’s for the first time this summer.
  • A camper put her wet finger in my ear…
  • I went to Walmart and only bought things that were on my list, a new swim suit and a poster board.
  • I spent time on the bridge at Purdue that was closed last year.
  • I danced on the lake beach to my favorite pop song with some of the best humans I know.
  • I chose the friendship bead so that I can focus on working to maintain the friendships God has blessed me with.
  • I am, once again, part of the family here at camp.

Calendar Time!

As I mentioned before, I pulled out all of the classroom decorations and bulletin board stuff I have and the result was a small grouping of very few things. I set out to change that this morning! 

I have looked for a calendar set from the teacher store and have just not found anything I really love. So, I made my own.  A few weeks ago I bought the plain white calendar with the intention of sprucing it up with cute border and colorful numbers. I have not yet found a set of months that I like that go with. 

 Here is the whole set of stuff I have so far for the calendar. The red border is going to go all the way around the calendar (I just have to see about size when I actually get into the classroom of wherever I will be teaching). I want to put light colored muslin or brown paper behind it. I like the mix of bright colors and natural-looking objects so I may try to find some simple wood grain paper if it works out in the room.  

The numbers for August are cute rainbow patterned circles. I liked the numbers but was not a fan of the rest of the calendar set. They have cute patterns on them so it adds a little texture to the plain white calendar.   

I made the months using the Cricut. I wanted something simple that did not have pictures of things associated with that month (ex: October and pumpkins or witches). I just  wanted something plain that would go with the rest of my stuff. 


 I am really happy with the way it all looks together. I was a little nervous because I am not the best at spatial reasoning and that makes it difficult to visualize what it will look like when it is finished.

 I began working on the “weather report”  for the calendar but it is not quite finished yet. I have seven squares with each day written on them. Every day my weather reporter will describe the weather and post what the weather is like. We can them compare today’s weather with the rest of the week. I will post pictures when that gets finished. 

I am excited to get a job and get this calendar hung up in my room… wherever that room may be!