Miss Haley’s 29 Ring Circus

Step right up and see the most amazing show on earth! I won’t even charge you if keep an eye on my circus while I go the bathroom or eat lunch (two things I have done very infrequently this past week)! 

Over in one corner we have the four students who have not stopped talking for a single second as long as I have known them. In another corner, we have one who hasn’t said a word because she cannot speak any English. If you take a look on the other side of the room, you will see two students doing somersaults while I am trying to teach them math (on seperate days and not influenced by the other one doing it). When you look at my desk, you will see the grocery bag that I have filled with items left on the floor by one single student when he left on Friday as well as the assignment he crammed in his desk because he decided not to admit he did not do any of it because he decided to fool around instead and wouldn’t think that when I moved the desks to a new seating chart it (and everything else he crammed in there) would not fall out where I could see it. If you look in the trash can, you will see the bottoms of approximately 18 cap erasers that have been cut into face jewelry and then confiscated and thrown away. If I see another cap eraser being used in any way but to erase mistakes, I will loose my gosh darn mind and the eraser will be immediately thrown out. 

Over on this table, you will see the most competitive game of pencil hockey you have ever witnessed this side of the Olympics. And if you turn back to the center of the stage, you will see one teacher who has no idea what on earth she is doing but knows she has to keep talking or the entire thing will collapse on itself. As you watch, try to decide if this is actually entertaining or I’d it is like a train wreck where you just cannot look away!