Application, Application, Application

I spent 2 1/2 hours today applying to jobs, getting my transcripts, writing a cover letter, and applying for my teaching license! When I write it all out it doesn’t sound like that much time to get all that done but it sure felt like it. I filled with out the most stressful application I ever have before. It gave all of these senarios and then gave examples of what people might do and I had to choose if I strongly agreed, agreed, neither, disagreed, or strongly disagreed that I would respond that way. These were not easy senarios either. I genuinely did not know how to answer some of them because responding could probably be interpreted more than one way!

Time is really ticking for me. Last year, I set July 10 as my decision making day. The day I got home from camp was supposed to be the day I decided on a job in Indiana or South Carolina. It is not really working out that way. I haven’t had a non- pre- recorded video “interview” yet. People I went to school with post on the daily that they are getting jobs and I’m over here like, “yeah… Nope! I’ve got nothing.” 

Well, if all else fails I could try subbing at many different school… Not ideal but better than nothing, I suppose! 


News for Nearly Everyone Else

I have to stop getting on Facebook. Every time I look through my newsfeed, two more people I graduated with have jobs, one more is engaged, at least three have weddings a month away, and another person announces they are having a baby. Meanwhile, I can barely make it through the day without finding something to cry over (lack of a teaching job, no life plans, missing my student teaching class). The positive is that it has been over a week since anyone asked me if I have a job yet or what my plans are. I haven’t had anyone give me the “I’m worried about you” look and carefully explain that a lot of teachers do not get jobs until after school starts. That only makes me more worried! I hold on to the hope that if I happen to find myself in that situation, it would turn out like my mentor teacher who started subbing and was lucky enough to get a full time position from there. We will see! I guess I have just have to keep looking and praying and trying not to stress about it too much!